I like surprises. I like wonder and awe. I like the quick breath and the elevated pulse that comes from the new or the unexpected. I think that’s why I enjoy playing with theatrical form – using music and media, blurring the lines between audience and performer, theatre and experience.

I ask myself the same three questions every time I take on a new project.

1. Do I immediately have a visceral reaction to the story and the characters? (Does my heart melt? Is my gut punched? Does my mind expand?)

2. Do I feel like I MUST tell this story? (Right now? With these people? In this place?)

3. Does the prospect of directing this piece terrify me and leave me exhilarated in equal measure? (Is there an opportunity for everyone to learn? To feel challenged? To feel rewarded?)

I am devoted to cultivating an enriching experience for a diverse audience just as much as I am to telling a good story with actors and text. I am committed to exploring methodologies in which we engage audiences in exciting ways – through interactivity, through immersion, through a reconfiguration of space, through a breaking of the boundaries that separate performer from audience, through pre and post show discussions, through public dramaturgical displays, through the fusion of theatre with multi-media, with social activity, with food and drink.

I work with collaborators in highly physical ways, exploring vibrant, untold stories and hidden pockets of bursting life.

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