“Where can Huck from Scandal and Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block perform a play written by Lena Dunham and directed by the producer of The 100?”
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“Everyone, even the biggest names, were thrilled and terrified by the challenge,” she told Backstage. Those names include Lena Dunham (“Girls”) and Dan Bucatinsky (“Scandal”) acting as writers, and Ian Harding (“Pretty Little Liars”), Jack Falahee (“How to Get Away With Murder”), Joe Morton (“Scandal”), and Jamie-Lynn Sigler (“The Sopranos”) serving as actors—and that’s just a few.”
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Ghoster’s Paradise Is Every Wronged Woman’s New Anthem.”

“With its glitzy kind of glamour, this (collection) seemed almost as red carpet worthy as aisle ready. Rock on.” Read more at

“Known for dressing celebrities like Beyoncé for the 2016 Grammy Awards and ballerina Misty Copeland for her wedding, Israeli fashion designer Inbal Dror debuted her Fall 2017 bridal collection at the world-renowned and New York City-famous Carnegie Hall. The cosmopolitan collection, which Dror says is inspired by the streets of Paris by day and night, is “elegant, contemporary, and exciting.” Read more at

“Directing is often a thankless task, no doubt. When the director excels, all of the many parts that make up a production seem like they could not possibly have taken any other form. The thousands of choices made in rehearsal fade: every actor seems perfectly cast, the lighting is unobtrusive, the staging is natural. Michael Schwartz achieves this seamless magic.”

“This show, expertly directed by Michael Schwartz, featured all great numbers that were fresh and engaging.”

“Under Michael Schwartz’ judicious and careful direction, each of these characters (comes) to stunning reality.”

“Four Stars. If you want to believe a boy can fly, there are few better sites than a mountaintop. A feeling of playtime make-believe pervades the staging by director Michael Schwartz. Pirates manipulate the rigging to make people fly, and Lost Boys animate the crocodile that hunts Captain Hook. Even if you do grow up, Peter and Wendy’s adventures may make you feel like a kid again.”

“Why am I trying to authenticate something that had no authenticity to begin with?” thought Schwartz. “In every major production, they have tried to fix the problem by putting a Band-Aid on it. Why not create something brand new from scratch?”
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All Star Code Annual Benefit featured in Evening Hours: Bill Cunningham

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‘Michael Schwartz, All Star Code’s Director of Events, said the benefit’s color palette and theme complemented the organization’s new look. “Since All Star Code unveiled all new branding this summer, featuring mischievous mascots and bright red, green, purple, and orange-yellow accent colors, we decided to go more tropical and playful in palette and decor,” said Schwartz. “There were colorful and textural ocean elements on the seaside tablescape, and small arrangements with tropical greens and floral accents in the brand’s signature colors. Too often at galas, the very people the nonprofit are serving are relegated to the sidelines. We unquestionably wanted our students front and center, engaging with guests and showcasing their quickly developing skills and talents,” said Schwartz. “We wanted to help materialize their ideas and make their dreams heard. So the idea of the ‘Maker Fair’ was born, which doubled as cocktail hour. This allowed guests to drink, nibble, and chat, and get to know our students prior to the main program as well.” Read more at

“When you get the casts of TV’s biggest shows together in one room, there’s a lot more that breaks loose than just all hell: There’s Jack Falahee receiving psychic readings from Guillermo Diaz, Utkarsh Ambudkar smelling Jamie Lynn Sigler’s tail, and Aja Naomi King getting relationship help from Justin Bieber…as played by Paul Adelstein, and written by Lena Dunham.” 
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“Ghoster’s Paradise combines two of our favorite things: 90’s nostalgia and complaining about jerks.” Read more at HuffPo Comedy.

“Hilarious…Crisp…Smart…Breathtaking. Slices into the disillusions and hysterias of modern society and serves them up with deliciously satirical sauce…A superb hour and a half of theater…Must see.”

“A good ol’ 85-minute gag-fest, full of sock-o laughs and fun…Under Michael Schwartz’s direction, Corren glides swiftly through contrasting characters with detailed alacrity.”

“Wonderful…Hilarious…A perfect concoction….Nothing brings quite as much joy as to witness a team of artists that integrate so wonderfully together to create a fantastic evening of theatre…Director Michael Schwartz does excellent work.”

“A blast! A smart, entertaining, visually inventive, play-drenched production. Director Michael Schwartz, a Broadway veteran with an eye for spectacle, shows a keen sense of how to use the entire enormous stage area of the Cushing Memorial Amphitheatre, overlooking the San Francisco Bay. On a set resembling a summer camp playground in the woods, pirates, natives and lost boys erupt from all corners of the amphitheater, a crocodile is assembled from spare tires and puppets, shadows dance, an invisible fairy knocks things over and pulls hair, magical animals prowl, trampolines are hopped upon, teeters are tottered, and bright-colored balls are bounced out into the crowd.”

“There’s an epic, 360-degree, immersive pirate ship battle sequence. The characters fly through the trees and over the audience’s heads. When you’re sitting in this mountain theatre and you see the Bay and the islands and the water in the background, you’re fully immersed in Neverland.”
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“We were in the backyard of an oceanfront estate attending a $750-a-ticket fundraiser for All Star Code, a nonprofit that prepares young men of color for careers in technology…” Read more at